The Pocket Staff Commercial

A group production for the Television Studio Production course at Northeastern University.

DIRECTOR: ​Paige Stern
FLOOR DIRECTOR: ​Melissa Wells
DATE OF PRODUCTION: ​March 9, 2020

Being a woman on a college campus requires a different level of vigilance, even one as seemingly safe as Northeastern. But there’s always a risk, anywhere and with anyone. Despite alarming statistics, college women arm themselves against potential danger. However, like Northeastern, college campuses now view the more traditional defenses of pepper spray and mace as prohibited weapons, forcing women to become more creative. This is where The Pocket Staff comes in. The incredible silver aerodynamic device, only 5 centimeters in length when closed, can easily be concealed in any pocket or crevice conceivable for students to whip out to its expanded length of 150 centimeters. The revolutionary self-defense weapon is wildly popular for its lightweight portability, but more so for the protection it provides with just a click, and the simplicity of a mere twist to get it back to shrink.

Our advertisement strategically appeals to college women living in metropolitan areas, where violence or crime is expected to occur more. In this segment, we will follow Dylan St. Lawrence walking through her university’s campus late at night, only to be ambushed by a hidden predator that jumps out from the shadows. But she does not panic, instead slipping a hand into her pocket and revealing a small stainless steel item. With a click, The Pocket Staff materializes, stopping the assailant, Ethan Howe, in his tracks. Much like an archetype heroine, Dylan raises The Pocket Staff, smiling as she celebrates her victory: College women — 1. Criminals — 0.

Dylan St. Lawrence is a third-year Northeastern student pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biology. As community outreach coordinator for the Northeastern Black Student Association, or NBSA, Dylan is outgoing and comfortable in front of the camera. Ethan Howe is a first-year electrical engineering major who has dabbled in NBSA’s productions as talent. Not only does his enthusiasm and committment suit him for this role, but he also has the physique to help portray our stereotypical robber.

The set will be in an alley near Northeastern’s campus, recreated in the Northeastern University Media Studio in Boston, MA. The commercial is a three-camera operation to capture a set characterized by dim colored and street lamp-like lighting to give the illusion of a weeknight on campus for the average college woman. There will be outdoor objects placed on the set, including recycling and trash bins, from which our staged perpetrator will emerge, as well as school advertisements and posters that will serve as props to set the scene. Additionally, there will be a camera change as our female talent advertises The Pocket Staff in response to the assumed assailant. The advertisement will be recorded live for 30 seconds, featuring two talents — one male and one female.

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