Snell Library: A Haven During Finals Week

Finals. For some, the looming cloud of final exams at the end of the semester makes it the most dreaded time of the academic year. Buried in books, typing away on laptops, writing and highlighting notes upon notes in preparation for exam after exam — students can be spotted studying all across campus. 

Whether seated in Shillman Hall across from Dunkin’ Donuts, at tables on the bottom two levels of the Curry Student Center or in empty classrooms in buildings around Krentzman Quad. . . most students are inevitably found studying somewhere in Snell Library.

At the center of Northeastern’s favorite study spot, Snell Library serves as not only the ultimate resource for academic help, but is also brimming with opportunities for students to de-stress from the anxiety of exam season. From goodie bag giveaways, free coffee study breaks and positive sentiments expressed to students in unique ways, Snell Library has students covered all week leading up to the last day of classes and into the next week of final exams.

As students walk in and out of the lobby of Snell, newly set up coloring tables stand out. These tables, blank templates and colored pencils scattered across them, will remain through the entirety of finals week. Any leftover bubble wrap for students to “pop” their stress away is nowhere in sight, but librarians assure that the bubble wrap is replenished each day of the week. 

To the right of this table is a vertical whiteboard littered with neon-colored post-it notes containing inspirational quotes and motivational words students can pluck off and take with them. There is also a marker and blank post-its for students to leave encouraging messages for others in return. 

Beyond this, Snell set up special events on campus to help students relax in the midst of this stressful time. On Reading Day, from noon until 4 p.m., Snell Library staff collaborated with Fit University to bring professional masseuses and massage chairs to provide Northeastern students with free massages.

This Friday and next Monday, Snell Library and the Curry Student Center have sponsored a “study break” stationed at Campus Crossroads with free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and energizing snacks.

The beginning of finals week signifies the beginning of the end. . . of the semester. As exciting as that is, it is just as nerve-wracking for the student community here.

But, if there is anything Northeastern proved to its student body with the many resources it provides as the semester begins to end, it is that students are not alone.

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